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"Runda" Automatic Soap Dispenser

"Runda" Automatic Soap Dispenser

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" Runda " is a device designed to dispense soap automatically when the hand is brought close to the integrated motion sensor.

The dispenser consists of a transparent round container into which the soap is placed and a dispensing system that uses a motor and a pump to distribute the soap evenly on the hand. Furthermore, the dispenser is equipped with an integrated display, positioned in the central part, which displays important information such as the amount of soap available and the battery status.

The motion sensor detects the presence of the user's hand and activates the dispensing system, while the integrated display allows you to easily monitor the amount of soap available and to replace the container when necessary.

The dispenser is designed to be installed on the wall, thanks to an adhesive supplied, which allows you to position it easily and quickly without having to drill holes or install supports. Furthermore, thanks to its elegant and modern design, the dispenser adapts well to any environment such as bathrooms, kitchens or public places.

" Runda " is a hygienic and practical solution for cleaning hands, as it avoids contact with soap and reduces the spread of germs and diseases. Furthermore, the integrated display makes the dispenser easy to use and maintain.

In evidence:

  1. Reasonably control the gas-liquid bubble ratio of 12:1 to form a nano-level rich foam, which can better cover the skin surface and directly cover the smallest pores.
  2. Large capacity of the tank of 200 ml
  3. Built-in 1200mAh large capacity lithium battery, with USB charging cable, allowing for faster and safer charging.
  4. 0.25s high speed foaming, 3-6cm sensing area.
  5. It can￲ be used safely in wet areas such as sinks and toilets. Do not clean the dispenser body with water.

Material : ABS + PC plastic
Power : 5W
Tank capacity : 200 ml
Charging voltage : 3.7V
Dimensions : 133 x 138 x 60mm

Included in the package:
Dispenser x 1
Power cable x 1
Manual x 1
Wall sticker x 1


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